Product description LP-11 lashing eye (D-Ring)

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The LP-11 lashing eye is an extremely strong lashing eye with a breaking strength of 360 kN (≈36T). The Save Working Load is 180 kN (≈18T). The lashing eye LP-11 is supplied with the corresponding welding hood, which can be welded using the corresponding welding instruction. There is also a technical drawing and a .stp file to be loaded in a technical drawing package.

The LP-13 is the lighter version of the LP-11, with a breaking strength of 20 tons. The heavier version, the LP-14 lashing eye, has a breaking strength of 50 tons. A lashing eye is also called a D-ring (because of the shape of the eye) or lashing eye (from the English word “lashing”, which means to tie).

It is also possible to place the LP-13 and disassemble it at any time. The lashing eye is then used in combination with a deck socket. The (commonly used) DF-31 Deck Socket can be combined with the U-Frame Lashing eye (D-Ring) LP-91-45 and can be loaded in one direction. With this construction it is also possible to use a dovetail twistlock in this deck socket. Another type of deck socket that is used for this is the Breech Base Deck Socket DF-66 which can be used with the Breech Base Lashing eye (D-Ring) LP-21. The advantage is that this breech base detachable lashing eye can be loaded in no less than four directions! This round deck socket can also be used with the matching BF-66 breech base twistlock .


Download the technical drawing (.pdf )

Download the 3D model (.stp) and import the LP-11 lashing eye (D-Ring) in any technical drawing software

Download the welding instructions (. pdf)



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