Product description Dovetail Twistlock BF-11

The Dovetail Twistlock BF-11 is designed to lock the bottom of a shipping container. A twistlock is placed on each of the four corners of a container. After the container has been set down, locking is simple: by turning the handle, the twistlock ensures that the sea container, bulk container, or self-designed construction remains firmly anchored in place.

To make the Dovetail Twistlock BF-11 demountable, these twistlocks can be combined with the matching DF-31 Deck Socket. When a container is loaded on deck or other construction, the twistlocks come in handy. It may be necessary for other cargo to be transported after the containers have been transported. The twist locks are then simply slid out of the deck socket and removed quickly. The DF-31 Deck Socket is welded to the deck, but is only a few centimeters high. In general, it is not an obstacle to the transport of other types of cargo. It is also no problem for vehicles such as forklifts and reach trucks to drive over them. When the cargo then consists of sea containers again, the Dovetail Twistlock BF-11 is again placed in the deck socket with a simple sliding movement and loading can start immediately. In other cases, when disassembling the twistlock is unnecessary, the BF-11 is also welded directly to the structure. When welding it is important that the zinc layer is first ground away. It is recommended to bring the steel to a temperature of 300 ° C before welding.

Two versions: left- or right-closing twistlock

The Dovetail Twistlock BF-11 is available in a left-closing variant and a right-closing variant. The lever of the left locking twistlock is in neutral position on the right. By turning the handle to the left by hand, the point on the top of the twistlock also rotates. The locking takes place inside the corner of the container, also called corner casting . The right-closing variant works the same, only the position of the lever is mirrored to the left-closing Dovetail Twistlock BF-11. The handle is on the left and is manually turned to the right to secure the container. In terms of use, the left and right versions are identical. It depends on the preference which choice is made. Common is the use of 2 left-closing and two right-closing twistlocks in one container. In this case, all levers are inward when the twistlocks are properly locked. Another consideration is to choose one type of twistlock, for example all right-closing. The advantage of this is that all levers point in the same direction when closed. Another reasoning could be that it is less error-prone and also works faster. After all, it is not possible to accidentally swap left and right locking twist locks while placing them on the deck.

The Breech Base Twistlock BF-66 is very similar to the BF-11 twistlock. Both are applied at the bottom of a bulk container, (reefer) container or own construction. The difference is in the mounting with the deck socket. The BF-11 in combination with the DF-31 Deck Socket is usually easier and faster to work with, while the Breech Base Deck Socket DF-66 in combination with the Breech Base Twistlock has the advantage that it can be placed in four directions. In addition, the deck of an (inland) vessel may be fitted with recessed breech base recesses to place the twist lock. The DF-31 Deck Socket in combination with the BF-11 Dovetail Twistlock is, however, used more often because of the simplicity in usage and is also a more cost-effective solution.

The Twistlock is supplied with an angle of 45 degrees as standard. It is also possible to deliver the Dovetail Twistlocks with an angle of 55 degrees including a matching deck socket. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or


Dovetail Twistlock BF-11 Technical Drawings

Download the technical drawing of the left-closing BF-11 (.pdf)

Download the technical drawing of the right-closing BF-11 (.pdf)

Download the 3D model (.stp) and import the Dovetail Twistlock BF-11 in any technical drawing software



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