Product description Depot Stacker IF-91

The Depot Stacker IF-91 is the perfect solution for stacking empty containers. The Depot Stacker IF-91 is easy to apply by hand in the corner pieces (also called Corner Castings) of the containers by means of a rotating movement and ensure that containers cannot slide away. This Stackers are ideal for stacking empty containers at terminals and depots. Thanks to the choice of galvanized steel, the Depot Stackers IF-91 are resistant to extreme weather conditions, seawater and salty air.

Stack without locking

The Depot Stacker IF-91 differs from the IF-51 Intermediate Twistlock in two ways. Firstly, the IF-91 Depot Stackers can be placed when the container is still within reach (see photos). This improves the speed of container stacking. Second, the IF-91 does not need to be locked. This saves time and avoids the practical challenge of turning the lever – at height. A consequence of not being able to lock is that the IF-91 is only suitable for stacking containers on the shore (depot). If containers go on board, where securing is required, both the Intermediate Twistlock IF-51 and the Semi Automatic Twistlock IF-56 a good solution.


Download the technical drawing of the Depot Stacker IF-91 (.pdf )

Download the 3D model (.stp) and import the Depot Stacker IF-91 in any technical drawing software



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