Product description Bridgefittings

The Bridgefittings are suitable for the lateral securing of containers. Thanks to the adjustable system of BridgeFittings, containers can easily be clamped together. They are available in two sizes, namely the small version with a maximum length of 260 mm and the large version with a maximum length of 330 mm. BridgeFittings are mainly used to secure containers on board, but are also used widely on shore. The use is not limited to shipping containers. Various constructions, such as Portocabins, can be secured with the help of this durable piece of equipment.

Sideways coupling of sea containers

The threads of bridgefittings can be tightened with a spanner (32) or adjustable spanner (Bahco). The difference between the 260 mm and 330 mm variant is the spacing of the containers to be linked together. In a situation where the containers are placed rigidly against each other, the 260 mm version is sufficient. The larger bridgefittings of 330 mm offers more flexibility and can be a solution in a situation where the space between the containers is larger.

Please note: the bridge fittings are only suitable for the lateral coupling of shipping containers. The IF-51 twistlock is suitable for locking vertical stacked containers.


Download the technical drawing of the variant “Small 260 mm” (.pdf)

Download the technical drawing of the variant “Large 330 mm” (.pdf)

Download the 3D model (.stp) and import the Bridgefittings in any technical drawing software


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