Product description MK-2 Container Lifting Lugs (Set 4 pcs.)

The MK-2 Container Lifting Lugs (Set 4 pcs.) are suitable for vertical lifting of containers fitted with ISO Corner Castings. The set consists of 4 container hooks and are easily placed on the top of the container. This means  the hooks do not protrude on the side. For example, containers can be placed close together or placed in a ship. At an angle of 0 ° to 15 °, the lifting lugs have a strength of 56 T.

Consisting of 4 container hooks with an eye diameter of 45 mm

A complete set of MK-2 Container Lifting Lugs (Set 4 pcs.) consists of 4 eyes that are placed in the 4 top Corner Castings of the container. This distributes the weight evenly over the container hooks. The eyes of the lifting lugs have a diameter of 45mm, so that other lifting equipment can be easily attached.

Equipped with locking pin to prevent slipping

Each lifting lug has a lock. This lock ensures that the lifting eyes cannot come loose when lifting the container. The locking is done when placing it via a rotating movement. To remove the lifting lugs, the lock can easily be opened by hand. The container hooks can be removed again by means of a rotating movement.

Suitable for vertical lifting of shipping containers

The MK-2 container lifting lugs (Set 4 pcs.) hooks are suitable for vertical lifting of containers. Since the lifting lugs are placed at the top of the containers, no hooks or other parts protrude from the sides of the container. This allows containers to be placed close together. Containers can also easily be placed or lifted in tight spaces.

Lifting Capacity of 56 T at an angle of 0 ° to 15 °

A set of MK-2 Container lifting lugs (Set 4 pcs.) has a total breaking strength of 56 tons. This breaking strength is achieved by a safe workload, or S.W.L., of 14 tons per container lifting lug. Even fully loaded 20ft and 40ft containers with a maximum weight of 30 tons can be lifted safely. The breaking strength is achieved at an angle of 0 ° to 15 ° between the container lifting eye and the lifting chain. At a larger angle, the lifting lugs are loaded in a different place, which reduces the breaking strength.