Product description Breech Base Deck Socket DF-66

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With this Breech Base Deck Socket DF-66 the BF-66 twistlock and the LP-21 lashing eye can be disassembled. The deck of a ship (or other surface) thus remains free of protruding twistlocks or lashing eyes. Thanks to the well thought-out design and use of materials, the DF-66 Deck Sockets have a tested breaking strength of no less than 500 kN, or 50T. The frame is made of heavy cast steel and finished with a protective primer. The exact dimensions of the Deck Socket DF-66 can be found on the technical drawing

Makes the Twistlock BF-66 and the Lashing Eye LP-21 dismountable

The Breech Base Baseplate DF-66 has been specially developed for use in combination with the Breech Base Twistlock BF-66 . This twistlock secures a sea container on board. The DF-66 Deck Socket ensures that the twistlock can be disassembled. The deck socket is designed in such a way that the BF-66 can easily be placed from the top. This keeps the deck of a ship (or other surface) free from protruding twistlocks or lashing eyes.

The DF-66 can also be used in combination with the LP-21 lashing eye . This 36 tonne lashing eye is suitable for securing heavy loads. Ideal in the event of a change of cargo type. It is no problem at all to transport sea containers one day, and then lash equipment the next day.

Easy to weld on deck or any other steel surface

The versatile base plates from Navacqs can easily be welded to a steel surface. For example, it is possible to weld the DF-66 Deck Sockets to the deck of a ship. The Deck Socket can also be welded to a floating pontoon with offshore equipment. In addition to applications on the water, the DF-66 Deck Socket can also be used to anchor self-designed structures. The welding instructions can be downloaded here.

Placement via the top for extra ease of use in small spaces

A Breech Base deck socket differs from the commonly used DF-31 deck socket in two respects. Firstly, the twistlock or lashing eye must be placed in the bottom plate from above. Second, the bottom plate is designed so that the placed object must be rotated 1/8 turn (45 degrees) to lock. For example, it is possible to load the Breech Base Lashing eye LP-21 in 4 directions. . The BF-66 twist lock can also be used in four different directions.

Since the twistlocks and lashing eyes are placed from above, less space is required. With the Deck Socket DF-31 , the twistlocks can be pushed into the deck socket. This makes the DF-66 suitable for situations where less space is available. If desired, the DF-66 can easily be sunk into a deck or construction. This way the deck socket is no longer an obstacle.

Equipped with locking mechanism to prevent loosening

Twistlocks and lashing eyes can easily be placed in the Base Plate DF-66 and used in several directions. To prevent a Twistlock BF-66 from coming loose, the DF-66 has four locking points. When the handle of the Breech Base Twistlock is turned, the Twistlock will anchor itself behind the locking points. This makes it impossible to detach.

The accompanying Breech Base Lashing Eye is also equipped with a special lock to prevent loosening.

Technical drawing available

The exact dimensions of the Breech Base Baseplate DF-66 can be found on the technical drawing in .pdf format. There is also a 3D drawing available as a .stp file. This allows the DF-66 to be loaded into a technical drawing package for the design of custom structures.

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Download the technical drawing (.pdf)

Download the 3D model (.stp) and import the Breech Base Deck Socket DF-66 in any technical drawing software

Download the welding instructions (.pdf)


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