Product description U-Frame Lashing Eye (D-Ring) LP-91-45

The U-Frame Lashing Eye (D-Ring) LP-91-45 has been specially developed for use with the Deck Socket DF-31 . This socket is often used together with the Dovetail Twistlock BF-11 to secure a sea container on a ship’s deck. or construction. However, it may happen that containers are not always transported on a ship. Sometimes it is necessary to lash an object securely with a lashing strap or chains. The U-Frame Lashing Eye offers the possibility to disassemble a 36 ton lashing eye and only install it when it is actually used. Only the DF-31 deck socket remains. The deck, pontoon or other surface remains tidy and retains its multifunctional function.

The U-Frame Lashing Eye (D-Ring) LP-91-45 must be pushed into the deck socket from the side. The D-ring can only be loaded in one specific direction. This direction is the opposite side of the place where the eye is inserted into the bottom plate. The DF-31 deck socket is designed in such a way that there is a rim running along the entire width at the rear, which stops the lashing eye under load. This must be taken into account when welding the deck socket. Navacqs also has another detachable lashing eye (with accompanying round deck socket) in the range that can be loaded in four directions if required in the specific application.

The lashing eye used in this variant is the LP-11 and also has a breaking strength of 36 tons. The U-Frame Lashing Eye (D-Ring) LP-91-45 is made of steel and has a paintable primer.


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