Product description LP-14 Lashing Eye (D-Ring)

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The lashing eye LP-14 has a very high breaking strength of 500 kN (50T) and a Safe Working Load of 250 kN (25T). With the supplied welding hood, the lashing eye can easily be attached to a trailer welded or on board a ship. Detailed technical drawing is available, as well as a 3-d ( .stp ) model to load in any desired technical drawing package.

The LP-11 is the lighter version of this D-ring with a breaking strength of 36 tons. For the heaviest lashing work, the ring can also be purchased in a 67-tonne version, the LP-67 lashing eye (lashing eye ).


Download here the technical drawing (.pdf )

Download here the 3D model ( .stp) to load in a technical drawing package

Download here the welding instructions (. pdf)



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