Product description Universal M Seal + Barcode

This Universal M Seal + Barcode is provided with a 128C barcode. The code corresponds to the unique number of the seal. For example, registration with a scanner is simple and the risk of incorrect registration is excluded. In addition to the barcode, there is also a series of numbers, so it can also be read with the naked eye. 128C is a commonly used format and can be read with any common barcode scanner. The Universal Seal is available with a barcode in the length size medium (285 mm) and the color white.

Barcode 128C for error-free registration of any number

The Universal Seal has a barcode on the seal’s flag. The barcode indicates the unique numbering of the seal. The great advantage of the barcode is that – unlike manual registration – unnecessary registration errors are avoided. When manually recording the numbering of the seal, a number can be forgotten or written down incorrectly. This is excluded by scanning the barcode. The Universal Seal has barcode 128C and can be scanned with the most common barcode scanners. The advice is to consult the specifications of the scanner whether it is suitable for reading barcode 128C.

Thin (2.3 mm) and solid seal with breaking strength of 15 kg

The diameter of the Universal Seal is 2.3 and fits through tight openings. The smooth seal tail also ensures that the seal does not get caught, such as when sealing with a serrated seal tail

The seal is made of high quality Polypropylene (abbreviated to PP). The material is resistant to various chemicals. In addition, the material is temperature resistant. The Universal Seal is suitable for use in temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. The material PP also has a high stiffness and is extra strong.

Partly thanks to the stainless steel closing mechanism and the choice of materials (PP), the Universal Seal has a breaking strength of 15 kg. This puts the seal in the category with a medium breaking strength. A stronger seal is, for example, the Swift Seal with a breaking strength of 35 kg. The One Piece Seal is an example of a seal with a lower breaking strength of 6 kg.

Equipped with integrated stainless steel closing mechanism for a strong closure

The Universal Seal is a multifunctional seal thanks to, among other things, a smooth seal tail. The smooth tail makes for easy donning through a (tight) opening. There are a number of ridges at the end of the smooth sealing line. This provides extra grip while putting on the seal.

In addition to the smooth seal tail, Universal Seal has an extra strong closure. The closing mechanism is made of stainless steel (stainless steel) with teeth. The teeth are placed in the form of a barb. This allows the tail of the seal to go only one way. Reopening and reuse is therefore not possible.

To properly seal the seal, a number of arrows are located on the back of the closing mechanism. The tail of the seal must be inserted on this side

Seal suitable for sealing, among other things, tankers, IBCs and collection boxes

The unique properties make the Universal Seal a multifunctional seal. Tank trucks, for example, can be easily sealed with the Universal Seal. The smooth seal tail slides easily through the openings of the closures. The material is also resistant to chemicals. This makes the seal also suitable for sealing IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

In addition, the Universal Seal can be used for sealing collection boxes. The thin, smooth seal tail simply fits through the locking system of a collection box.

Simple scanning by white barcode on black background

The Universal Seal has a unique imprint with ascending numbering. The combination between the imprint and numbering is only produced once. This way, every Universal Seal is unique and fraud is prevented. An additional advantage is that the white print is lasered on a black background. This creates a high contrast, making the print excellent legible. This high contrast also guarantees good readability with a barcode scanner.

From stock, the Universal Seal with Barcode has a standard imprint (UM Seal) with unique ascending numbering (both barcode 128C and number legible with the eye). In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the Universal Seal with its own imprint. For example in the form of your own company name or logo. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.