Product description CargoSecure 1221 Dunnage Bag L1

The CargoSecure 1221 Dunnage Bag L1 is the largest dunnage bag in the Navacqs range. The dunnage bag has a size of 1,200 mm x 2,100 mm (120 cm x 210 cm). The dunnage bag has been developed to be placed in the longitudinal direction of a pallet. The CargoSecure 1221 is suitable for filling spaces up to 55 cm. Thanks to the special valve, CargoSecure dunnage bags can be reused 2 to 3 times. This type of dunnage bag is manufactured from two layers, namely a polypropylene (PP) woven outer layer with a thickness of 90 grams per m2 and a polyethylene (PE) inner layer with a thickness of 80 microns (0.08 mm). To inflate and pressurize the dunnage bags, the CargoSecure air gun is required. The air gun is optionally available.

1,200 mm x 2,100 mm: extra long and wide dunnage bag for maximum counter pressure

The CargoSecure 1221 Dunnage Bag L1 is Navacqs largest dunnage bag. Due to the large format of 1,200 x 2,100 mm, this dunnage bag is suitable for stowing high pallets in the longitudinal direction of the pallet. Euro pallets have a length of 1,200 mm (120 cm). This allows the CargoSecure Dunnage Bag 1221 to stow the entire pallet. Due to the height of 2,100 mm (210 cm), highly loaded pallets can be secured safely and securely. The CargoSecure 1218 can also stow longitudinally, but has a slightly lower height of 1,800 mm (180 cm)

If the pallets have to be stowed in the width direction, we recommend a different size dunnage bag, namely the CargoSecure 912 or 918. These dunnage bags have a width of 900 mm (90 cm). This size is closest to the width of a Euro pallet, namely 800 mm (80 cm).

For pallets lower than 1 meter we recommend the CargoSecure 912 and for pallets higher than 1 meter the CargoSecure 918 .

Fill up to a maximum of 55 cm gap

The CargoSecure 1221 Dunnage Bag L1 is suitable for filling spaces between 35 and 55 cm. For example, the space between two pallets, but also the space between a loaded pallet and the wall of the container. The dunnage bag can easily be placed in the interspace and can be inflated on site with a compressor. A comparable dunnage bag that is suitable for this intermediate size is the CargoSecure 1218. This type has a height of 1,800 mm (180 cm).

For spaces up to 35 cm other dunnage bags are suitable, namely the CargoSecure 912 or 918. The size of these dunnage bags is smaller, namely 900 x 1,200 mm and 900 x 1,800 mm. This allows the dunnage bags to expand less far. Filling a narrower space of less than 35 cm is of course also possible.

Can be reused 2 to 3 times

The CargoSecure 1221 dunnage bag is equipped with a special valve. Thanks to a spring in this valve, it is also possible to easily deflate the dunnage bag. This allows the CargoSecure 1221 dunnage bag to be used several times. When the dunnage bags are to be reused, it is advisable to check the dunnage bag carefully for possible damage.

To prevent damage, we recommend placing the dunnage bag 10 cm from the ground. This prevents wear on the underside by, for example, sliding and sanding during transport.

Manufactured from 2 layers (polypropylene / polyethylene)

The CargoSecure dunnage pads consist of two layers, namely a polypropylene woven outer layer with a thickness of 90 grams per m2 and a polyethylene inner layer with a thickness of 80 microns (0.08 mm). The combination of these two materials creates a very strong and high-quality dunnage bag with a maximum pressure of 0.57 bar (57 kPa). The outer layer of the dunnage bag provides the strength of the dunnage bag. The purpose of the inner layer is to make the dunnage bag airtight.

The CargoSecure dunnage bags fall into the Level 1 category, because the maximum pressure is 0.57 bar. The quality of the stitching also affects the strength of the dunnage bag. The American body AAR (American Association of Railroads) checks and certifies the dunnage bags. All CargoSecure dunnage bags from Navacqs are certified Level 1 dunnage bags.

CargoSecure Air gun required (not included)

A special air gun is required to inflate and pressurize the dunnage bags. For the CargoSecure dunnage bags it is CargoSecure air gun suitable. The valve of the dunnage bag and the air gun are fully coordinated. Other air guns from other dunnage bags, for example, cannot be used for the CargoSecure dunnage bags.

The air gun  has a special pressure relief valve. When the dunnage bag is inflated to the correct pressure, the overpressure will flow away via the back of the air gun. This ensures that the dunnage bag always has the correct pressure. Air guns without a pressure relief valve can cause dunnage bags to be overinflated. As a result, the cargo can be damaged or even the outer walls of a container can be pushed out.

Use in combination with compressor

The CargoSecure air gun is easy to connect to a compressor hose with quick coupling. The gun is fitted with a standard ¼ ”connection. Any compressor can be used to inflate the dunnage bags for occasional use. When using dunnage bags frequently, the advice is to use a compressor with the following specifications:

Power: 2-4 hp
Capacity: 500 liters / min
Boiler capacity: 200-300 liters

Do you have questions or the use of dunnage bags? We are happy to advise you and support you in creating a charging plan. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.