Product description CargoSecure Air Gun

The CargoSecure Air Gun is suitable for filling the CargoSecure dunnage bags. This specially designed air gun ensures that the dunnage bags are inflated to the recommended pressure, namely 0.20 bar. The overpressure is automatically released at the rear of the gun. As a result, the air cushions are always inflated to the correct pressure. The air gun fits on any common compressor with a ¼ ”connection.

Use in combination with a compressor

The CargoSecure Air Gun is easy to connect to a compressor hose with quick coupling. The gun is fitted with a standard ¼” connection. Any compressor can be used to inflate the dunnage bags during occasional use. We recommend using a compressor with the following specifications for frequent use of dunnage bags:

Power: 2-4 hp
Capacity: 500 litres/min
Tank capacity: 200-300 litres

Do you have any questions about the use of the CargoSecure Air Gun and/or Dunnage bags? We will be happy to advise you and support you in making a loading plan. Please contact us at +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.