Product description Lashing Chain Tension Lever (13 mm)

The Lashing Chain Tension Lever, also known as a chain tensioner, is suitable for tightening and tightening Cargo Lashing Chains. The length of the chain can also be adjusted with the Tension Lever. The Tension lever is always used in combination with Cargo Lashing Chains. Both parts can be ordered separately, but also available as a combination set. Heavy cargo can be easily secured on ships, among other things. In addition, the Tension Lever can be used in RoRo transport for securing, for example, trucks and agricultural machines on board. The DNV GL Certified Lashing Chain Tension Levers have a S.W.L. (Safe Working Load) of 10 T.

Suitable for tensioning Cargo Lashing Chains

The Lashing Chain Tension Lever is suitable for tightening and tightening Cargo Lashing Chains. In addition, the chain tensioner can shorten the length of the chain, so that the chain can always be tensioned to the correct length. As a result, the load is stable and can then no longer move.

Suitable for heavy cargo on ships and RoRo transport, among other things

The high breaking strength of 200 kN (20 T) makes the Cargo Lashing Chain suitable for securing heavy loads during transport. The chain length can be adjusted variably and can be tightened quickly thanks to the Lashing Chain Tension Lever. Because the Lashing Chain can be attached quickly, it is also suitable for use in RoRo (Roll-on/Roll off) transport, where cargo is driven on board or off board. For example, trucks, agricultural machines and earth-moving machines can be easily secured.

DNV GL Certified

Both the Lashing Chain Tension Lever and the Cargo Lashing Chains have both been tested and certified. The tests and certification are performed and issued by DNV-GL. With the DNV-GL certification, the Lashing Chain Tension Levers can be applied to all DNV GL classified ships.

S.W.L. (Safe Working Load) of 10 T.

The strength of the Lashing Chain Tension Levers is described in different ways. With this type of product, the strength is formulated in two ways, namely the so-called Safe Working Load, abbreviated to S.W.L. and the breaking strength. Both are mentioned on the DNV GL certificate. The breaking strength of Lashing Chain Tension Lever is 200 kN (20 T) and S.W.L. 100 kN (10 T).