Product description Blocker LP-FT Container Seal

The Blocker LP-FT Container Seal is one of the most secure and reliable container seals available. The seal consists of 2 parts, namely a bolt seal and a cable seal. Both parts of the container seal are connected to each other. Both parts are also provided with the same imprint to make fraud impossible. The steel pin (11 mm) and head are provided with high-quality PP plastic that ensures the highest achievable breaking strength. In addition, the cable seal is provided with an aluminum housing in steel wire with a diameter of 4 mm. When the steel wire is broken, the wire will fray, so that the seal cannot be used again. The bolt seal is equipped with a patented anti-spin system that makes it impossible to rotate the container seal with a drill, for example.

With these properties, the Blocker LP-FT Container Seal is provided with the ISO 17712: 2013 certification. This container seal can be used for container transport worldwide. The certificate of the seal is of course available on request. The pin of the seal is placed on the closure of the container. The second portion of the container seal is placed around the bars of the container so that it is hermetically sealed and thus making fraud impossible. The Blocker LP-FT Container Seal is available from stock with an orange bolt seal and blue cable seal. Naturally, the seal has a unique printing and ascending numbering. In addition, it is also possible to provide this container seal with its own logo or company name in combination with unique numbering or barcode.