Product description 2K Klicker High Security Bolt Seal

The 2K Klicker High Security Bolt Seal is a high-end seal. It has a unique two-colour design and is suitable for sealing a shipping container. The most unique feature of this design is the use of two colours of plastic. Imitating this seal with a 3D printer, for example, is therefore impossible. The 2K Klicker Bolt Seal has been officially tested and ISO17712:2013 approved by Dayton T. Brown. With this, the Bolt Seal is automatically approved by customs authorities worldwide, including C-TPAT and ISPS. The 2K Klicker High Security Bolt Seal is available from stock with a unique imprint (“KLICKER”) in combination with unique incremental numbering.

Highly secure; design to prevent imitation (3D print)

The 2K Klicker High Security Bolt Seal has a unique two-colour design. It is one of the first container seals with this feature. The laser-printed part has a white colour. The black imprint (laser) creates high contrast. This makes it easy to read. The use of two colours of plastic makes it impossible to imitate this seal using a 3D printer, for example. This makes the seal unique in its kind.

Besides the two colours of plastic, this seal has another very unique feature. When the seal is sealed correctly, there is a small gap between the pin and the bushing. This is because the gap between the two parts indicates that the 2K Klicker is not glued on, but actually sealed correctly. Without this check, the seal could be reused without visible damage. Important: check every seal for this clearance!

Suitable for export: ISO 177712:2013 certified

A container seal must bear the ISO 17712:2013 certificate to be used for container transport worldwide. The 2K Klicker Bolt Seal has been officially tested and approved by Dayton T. Brown. Recently (January 2022), SGS also inspected the 2K Klicker Bolt Seal. The container seal has been tested and approved by these independent institutes.

The process of certification consists of two aspects, namely inspecting the seal and checking the seal manufacturing process. The High Security Seals are checked on a number of aspects. Among other things, the seal must bear the name of the factory. Also, the seal should have a unique imprint and incremental numbering. Another essential aspect is the letter “H” that stands for High Security. This letter should be clearly visible on the seal. On the Klicker, this is embossed in white on the white part.

Furthermore, the seal must have a number of features to prevent fraud. For example, the seal must have a minimum breaking strength, which means it cannot be opened by hand.

Finally, in addition to certifying the 2K Klicker Bolt Seal, the production process and internal quality controls are also looked at. After all, every container seal must be reliable and meet ISO’s strict standards. An ISO17712:2013 seal is also known as a High Security Seal.

Accepted worldwide by customs authorities, including C-TPAT (USA)

Container seals with the official ISO are a requirement for international container transport. Customs authorities worldwide require the use of officially certified container seals. Among others, the US customs authority (C-TPAT) only allow certified container seals. C-TPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and is a cooperation between Mexico, Canada and the United States, among others.

There is also cooperation in the maritime sector, namely the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, abbreviated to ISPS. Developed by the International Maritime Organisation, the ISPS code aims to prevent terrorism at ships and port facilities. Within this code, it is mandatory to use an ISO 17712:2013 certified High Security Seal

Hardened steel pin with polypropylene housing in two colours

Breaking the seal is only possible with solid concrete cutters. This is because the steel pin has a diameter of 7 mm. The damage caused by breaking the seal is also immediately visible in the plastic of the seal. This is because the material will discolour. Also, the 2K Klicker Bolt Seal is of an anti-spinning mechanism. The mechanism makes it impossible to spin off the head of the seal without visible damage to the plastic. Thanks to these properties, reuse is impossible.

Imprint “KLICKER” with one-off number produced

The 2K Klicker Bolt Seal features a unique imprint with unique incremental numbering. The imprint is lasered on both the pin and the bushing. This makes each seal unique and cannot be interchanged with other container seals.

From stock, the 2K Klicker Bolt Seal features a standard print with unique incremental numbering. In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the 2K Klicker Bolt Seal with your own imprint. For example, in the form of your own company name or logo. Please contact us at +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.