Product description Tyden Ball Seal

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The Tyden Ball Seal is suitable for transport within Europe. The seal has been customs approved. The simple, yet thoughtful design of the Tyden Ball Seal has been around for over 60 years. This is not without reason: the seal has a high breaking strength of 52 kg. It is a widely used product in the transport sector. The seal is suitable, among other things, for sealing TIR lines around a truck. The Tyden Ball seal has a unique print and ascending numbering. Note: containers intended for export outside the EU must be sealed with a High Security Seal.

Customs approved seal for transport within the EU

The Tyden Ball Seal is one of the few seals in the Navacqs range that has been approved by Dutch Customs. With this approval, goods can be transported within the union to other European countries in the (sea) container. Container transport outside the European Union requires a High Security Seal with ISO 17712: 2013 certification.

Reliable ball design: unchanged for over 60 years

The simple, yet thoughtful design of the Tyden Ball Seal has been around for over 60 years. Over the years, this seal has proven to be a safe and extremely reliable seal. The design consists of a steel strap and a specially designed metal insert. The insert is a metal click system in the ball of the seal. A clear click can be heard when sealing correctly.

Extra strong seal with a breaking strength of 52 kg

The metal Tyden Ball Seal is a very strong seal with a breaking strength of no less than 52 kg. Due to this high breaking strength, the seal cannot be removed by hand. The seal can only be broken with pliers. No tools are required for application and sealing. The Tyden Ball Seal is easy to install by hand.

Suitable for sealing, among other things, TIR lines, trucks and containers

The Tyden Ball Seal is a versatile, strong seal for the transport industry. For example, the seal is suitable for sealing TIR lines around a truck. The Tyden Ball Seal fits easily through both openings at the end of the TIR line. In addition to sealing TIR cables, the Tyden Ball Seal is also suitable for sealing trucks. The seal fits through all common latches on a truck door.

Finally, containers can also be sealed with the Tyden Ball Seal, provided they remain within the European Union. For international container transport, a so-called High Security Seal is required. These container seals are provided with the ISO 17712: 2013 certificate.

For more information, please visit the website of your countries customs.

Provided with one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

The Tyden Ball Seal has a unique print in the form of a machine embossed relief. From stock the seal has the text “SEALED” in combination with a unique ascending numbering. Navacqs and the manufacturer both ensure that each combination is only produced once.

In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the Tyden Ball Seal with a personalized print. This in the form of your own company name or unique customs number. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.