Product description Engraving Sealing Plier NZT-1P

With the Engraving Sealing Plier, it is possible to engrave both the top and the bottom mold for a unique result. This characteristic appears when the seal seal is squeezed shut and makes the seal unique. It is possible to cut a short text or series of numbers in the mold. The most affordable Engraving sealing plier (Small) can hold a maximum of 5 characters, including spaces. A maximum of 6 characters can be engraved next to each other on the mold of the larger sealing pliers (Medium). In addition, it is possible to place a logo on the mold. The delivery time of these personalized molds is approximately 10 to 15 days. Please note: these engravings only fit in the Sealing plier NZT-1P .

It is not possible to return engraved dies.

Engrave a unique feature on seal plier NZT-1 (P)

Although a seal is a reliable seal, it is not unique. An own feature that is printed in the lead or plastic provides extra safety. In the dies of the sealing plier NZT-1P both a text and a logo can be engraved. A combination of these is also possible. The engraving sealing pliers are provided with two dies: a lower die and an upper die. The engraving is embossed in the plastic seals or lead seal leads during sealing. This creates a unique seal. Lead seals are in fact not provided with a unique characteristic such as, for example, Twist Seal.

The engraving is milled in the mold in mirror image. After squeezing the seal, the engraving will eventually come into the correct position in the seal seal. The text or logo ensures recognisability and of course serves as an extra layer to prevent fraud.

Both text and logo are possible

The dies of the Engraving sealing plier can be engraved in different ways. First of all, a text can be engraved. Text in the form of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. The 10 mm die of the small sealing pliers (Small) can hold a maximum of 5 characters, including spaces. The large sealing tongs (Medium) contain 12 mm dies and can engrave a maximum of 6 characters next to each other. You can enter the desired characters in the comments field of the checkout of our webshop.

Engraving a logo is also possible. Due to the limited space and engraving method, only simple logos are possible. You can e-mail us the logo after ordering. A vector file such as .eps or .ai is preferred. If this is not available, a high quality .jpg or .png will also suffice. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or if you have any questions or if you want to discuss the possibilities. We will always discuss this with you if you have any questions or (im)possibilities.

Application including: number of technician or company logo

An engraving in a sealing plier makes every plier unique. For example, the pliers can be provided with a number of a technician / installer. Or a company name or logo. On the pinched shut seal is immediately visible by which company the seal has been applied. A specific checkerboard (especially for certified inspection bodies) can also be engraved in the dies of the pliers.

Delivery time of approximately 10 working days

Engraving is a specialist job. With the utmost precision, characters and logos are applied to the molds with a CNC milling machine. For that reason, the delivery time for engraved molds is approximately 10 working days. For any urgent orders you can of course always contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.

NOTE: Only suitable for NZT-1 (P) Sealing Pliers

The dies with engraving are only suitable for the sealing plier NZT-1 (P) from Navacqs. The dies have specific dimensions that fit exactly in NZT-1 (P) sealing plier. These dies will not fit in other sealing pliers.

It is not possible to return engraved dies.