Product description Hydraulic bolt cutter

The hydraulic bolt cutter is an efficient and easy-to-handle concrete cutter specially designed for cutting metal objects such as bolt seals or cable seals, for example. With its wide shears and 10 mm jaw depth, it requires little effort to cut container seals. These have a high breaking strength and have ISO17712:2013 certification and cannot be broken by hand.

Suitable for cutting container seals

The hydraulic bolt cutter allows you to cut metal seals easily and efficiently. The cutter has a length of 54 cm and a width of 15 cm, making the pliers easy to handle. At this length, the cutter is a lot shorter than the 75 cm HB Bolt cutter. Also, the Hydraulic bolt cutter only weighs 5 kg, making them easy to transport.

Little effort required

One of the best features of these pliers is their width of only 8 cm. This makes it a compact bolt cutter and yet easy to handle so you don’t have to exert yourself while cutting. By making cutting movements, the hydraulic system increases the pressure in the shears. The hydraulics thus do the heavy work for you.

Jaw depth of 10mm making bolt seals easy to break

Thanks to the jaw depth of 10mm, breaking seals is simple. The jaw depth of 10mm is perfect for breaking 8mm bolt seals, making the hydraulic bolt cutter the ideal choice for anyone who encounters them regularly on the shop floor.

Overall, the hydraulic bolt cutter is an excellent choice for companies that value efficiency and precision. If you are looking for a reliable bolt cutter that will make your job easier, then choosing the hydraulic concrete cutter is the right choice. The cutter is made of a combination of PVC and hardened steel. This material ensures durability and stability even when used frequently.

Supplied with handy storage case

The hydraulic bolt cutter comes in a sturdy and handy storage case. This way, the hydraulic bolt cutter is easy to carry and, once stored in the case, it is resistant to external weather conditions. This allows you to continue using the functionality of the cutter for longer. The dimensions of the case are: 60 cm in length, 22.5 cm width and 8 cm height.