Product description HB Bolt Cutter

The HB Bolt Cutter is an extra long (750 mm) bolt cutter is very suitable for breaking a container seal. All container seals have an ISO17712: 2013 certification thanks to their high breaking strength. This makes them difficult to remove / disconnect. Both Bolt Seals and Cable Seals can be broken upon receipt of a sea container with the HB Bolt Cutter.

Suitable for breaking container seals, among other things

Container seals on containers are mandatory for international transport. These seals are not only indicative, but also act as a barrier to prevent access to the container. The seals have a high breaking strength, varying from 1,200 to 1,800 kg. The robust HB Bolt Cutter is the solution especially for breaking container seals. Both Bolt Seals and Cable Seals can be broken with these bolt cutters.

Only authorized personnel and the recipient of the shipment are allowed to break container seals. It is important to compare the seal number with the consignment note.

Also suitable for cutting steel wire, wire iron, rebar and chains

In addition to breaking ISO 17712: 2013 certified seals, other materials can also be cut with the HB Bolt Cutter. Reinforced steel, among other things, is easy to cut with these bolt cutters. Steel chains can also be cut with the HB Bolt Cutter.

Extra long lever of 750 mm, requiring less force

It has a length of 750 mm and is therefore longer than other concrete cutters. The advantage of this length is that the leverage is increased. As a result, less force is required to break container seals, for example. Shorter length bolt cutters require significantly more force to cut the seal.

Jaw depth of 40 mm, making it easy to break Bolt Seals

The HB Bolt Cutter has a jaw depth of 40 mm. This makes it easy to place the container seals between the jaws. Bolt Seals with a diameter of 12 mm can be easily cut. Cable Seals with a diameter of up to 5 mm can also be broken in an instant.