Product description Budget Container Lock

The Budget Container Lock is an excellent container lock with a very favorable price / quality ratio. The lock is easy to assemble and very user-friendly. The Budget Container Lock is multi-purpose; the lock can be used on various containers, trailers and buckets thanks to the adjustability from 220 mm to 470 mm. The fire brigade red container lock can also be used to protect cargo during transport. The Budget Container Lock comes with a high-quality hardened steel Duro® F320 Block Lock, including 3 keys.

Container lock with excellent price / quality ratio

The Budget Container Lock from Navacqs has a very good price-quality ratio. Thanks to the simple but well thought-out design, the lock fits on any common sea container. Trucks can also be closed with the Budget Container Lock. The bright red brackets slide easily around the bars of a container or trailer. The block lock then ensures a secure closure. This prevents fraud, damage and theft to your valuable cargo.

Includes high-quality Duro® F320 Block lock with 3 keys

The Budget Container Lock comes with a high-quality and strong padlock, namely the Duro® F320 Block Lock including 3 keys. The block lock has a different shape from the most common padlocks. Padlocks are often provided with a shackle. The Duro® F320 does not have a shackle, as with a traditional padlock, but a horizontally placed steel pin. The steel pin is placed between the hardened steel housing. When the F320 is placed on the Budget Container Lock, the steel pin is very difficult to reach. The tight space means that hardly any tools, such as a grinder or chisel, can reach the essential part.

In addition, the cylinder of the Duro® block lock is provided with a special steel anti-drill plate. Before the key enters the cylinder, it is inserted through the plate. The plate rotates during a break-in attempt with a drill. This prevents the cylinder from being drilled out.

Adjustable shackle from 220mm to 470mm

The solid container lock consists of two parts, namely: a steel shackle and a lock housing. A number of openings have been created in the steel shackle through which the lock housing fits. This makes the size of the two brackets variably adjustable from 220 mm to 470 mm. For example, the container lock fits around the bars of any common sea container or trailer.

Striking red shackle made of high-quality steel

The Budget Container Lock is a strong lock made of steel. The Duro® F320 is even made of hardened steel. This makes it a very strong and reliable lock. The shackle of the lock has a bright red color. The fire brigade red color gives a clear signal that the container is secured with a container lock. Naturally, the coating serves as a protective layer against corrosion to guarantee years of use.

Also suitable for trailers and semi-trailers

The Budget Container Lock is a versatile container lock thanks to its variable length. In addition to securing and closing containers, the lock is also suitable for trailers and semi-trailers. The brackets of the lock also fit around the bars of truck doors.