Product description Label Lock Low Residue with Counterpart

This version of the Label Lock Low Residue is provided with a Counterpart. This tear-off part of the security label has a unique number that is the same as on the large sticker. This small sticker can be attached to a file or included in the administration. The Labellock Low Residue Counterpart does not leave a layer on the surface. When deleted, a text appears in the label. This way manipulation is immediately visible. The Label Lock Security Labels are designed and produced according to the strict ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Thanks to their unique properties, the Security Labels are suitable for even surfaces made of powder-coated metal and glass. Varnished wood is also suitable as a substrate. The labels can withstand temperatures from -30 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius. As standard the labels are provided with the text “SEALED” in combination with a unique ascending numbering. It is also possible to provide the security labels with your own name imprint.

With tear-off document sticker for administration

Compared to other Security Labels, Label Lock Low Residue Counterpart is provided with a counterpart. This tear-off piece of the security label has the unique numbering that is the same as on the large sticker. This makes administration of the seal extra easy. The numbering of the label does not have to be entered manually. The small counterpart sticker can easily be added to the file or document. This method can help to prevent errors in registration of numbering.

Leaves hardly any adhesive residue on the surface

The Label Lock Low Residue labels are specially designed to prevent manipulation and fraud. Each label consists of two layers that are connected with an adhesive made of polymer. The security labels must be stuck on a clean and grease-free surface. After some time (15-20 minutes), removal without traces is no longer possible.

When the label is removed, the two layers of the label separate from each other. This will cause a message in the label that the label has been removed. The message “OPENED” will be immediately visible. It is no longer possible to stick it back once the two layers have been separated from each other. The message “OPENED” remains clearly visible. This makes fraud impossible.

The Label Lock Low Residue leaves hardly any adhesive residue on the surface after removal. Any adhesive residue can be easily removed by dabbing the label on the adhesive residue. This causes the glue particles to be absorbed by the label.

Suitable for metal, lacquered wood and glass

The Label Lock Low Residue Security Labels are suitable for specific surfaces. The labels only work correctly on the correct surface. The Security Labels are suitable for hard, even surfaces, such as: powder-coated metal and glass. The labels are also suitable for surfaces of lacquered wood. The adhesive cannot work properly with raw wood.

It is always advisable to first test a label on the surface for its effectiveness. The label must be stuck for a certain period of time (15-20 minutes) for optimal operation.

Sealing doors, confidential files and electronic devices

Given the unique properties of the product, the Label Lock Low Residue Labels are suitable for sealing, for example, a door of a sealed building. This safety sticker is suitable for both interior and exterior doors. The labels are resistant to moisture and rain for up to 24 hours. The door must be provided with a paint or other type of treatment. The small counterpart sticker can then easily be added to the file.

The Label Lock labels are also particularly suitable for sealing (electronic) equipment. For example, computers can be sealed to prevent fraud and damage. In addition, lenses of telephones or tablets can be sealed with the security labels. That way, no photos can be taken of areas with sensitive information, such as server rooms. With such an application, the counterpart sticker can also be attached to the list of attendees.

Provided with one-off unique imprint and ascending numbering

The Security Labels have a unique print. By default, the labels are provided with the text “SEALED” in combination with a unique number per sticker. The control of the imprint is closely monitored and maintained by the manufacturer. These checks and working methods are part of the ISO certification. Since every seal is unique, it can help to prevent or detect fraud and manipulation.

From stock there are 2 sizes available directly in the color blue. The smallest variant is the Medium variant. This security label has a size of 98 mm x 30 mm (L x W). The largest variant is the Large with a size of 148 mm x 45 mm.

In addition to the stock product, it is possible to provide the Label Lock labels with your own imprint. For example in the form of your own company name or logo. Other sizes and colors are also possible. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.