Product description Roll Tin Seals

Roll tin seals are aluminum seals that roll up when placed. For application, the Roll tin sealer NZT-2 is required. It is easy to squeeze the seal around sealing wire or rope with these pliers. Each tinplate stamp is provided with a unique number. This one-time produced number makes the tinplate seal unique. Optionally, it is possible to have the stamps printed with company name or logo.

Sealing using Roll Tin Sealing Pliers NZT-2

To seal the Roll Tin Seals, a special sealing pliers are required, namely the Roll tin sealing pliers NZT-2 from Navacqs. These pliers are specially designed to seal the tin can seals. Thanks to the solid design of the Roll Tin Sealer NZT-2, thousands of roll tin seals can be sealed. It is therefore a long-term investment. This makes sealing with roll tin seals not only very safe, but also cost effective.

Traditional sealing method; widely used in Belgium

Sealing with tin can seals and tin can seal pliers is one of the most traditional methods of sealing. Sealing with tinplate stamps is very common in Belgium in particular. A tin can seal combined with a piece of sealing wire or sealing rope completes the sealing.

Seal rolls up: method proven for years

Sealing with tinplate seals has been used for many decades. The seal has proven itself over the years as a very reliable method of fraud prevention. To seal correctly, the seal wire is placed in the roll can seal. By first rotating the two ends of the seal wire a few turns, extra grip is created. The roller tin seal can then be applied to this location with the help of pliers.

Placing the seal around the wrapped sealing wire is easy by placing the seal in the roller tin sealing pliers NZT-2 . Due to the specially formed mechanism, the tin can seal then rolls close to the pinching of the pliers. The aluminum seal is wrapped tightly around the seal wire and pressed firmly. Once sealed, opening without visible damage is not possible. The result is a sturdy, reliable seal. This way fraud can be prevented.

Suitable for sealing meters and technical installations

Sealing with tinplate seals and sealing wire is a reliable way of sealing. For example, gas meters, electricity meters and water meters can be easily sealed. However, the seal may only be installed by a certified installer in consultation with the network operator. As a private individual, it is prohibited to replace seals in the meter cupboard without the permission of the network operator!

The sealing of technical equipment and various meters is also possible with the tinplate seals. The thin steel wire easily fits through tight, tight openings. The wire can be cut to any desired length, so even a few meters of wire can be used.

Provided with unique numbering produced once

The Roll Tin Stamps have a unique print. The seal is provided with a unique ascending numbering from stock. Both Navacqs and the manufacturer ensure that each combination is only produced once. If desired, the numbering can be registered when sealing to further prevent fraud and manipulation. The unique numbering is an important difference from the sealing method in which a lead is pinched shut by pliers. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.