Product description Vipera Trailer Lock

The very strong Vipera Trailer lock is one of the best locks of its kind! Thanks to the well thought-out design and the extra long rear brackets, the trailer lock offers the best protection against theft of valuable cargo. The Vipera is characterized by build quality and ingenuity in the design. The cylinder is housed in the chrome-plated steel housing and protected by a screw-on cover cap. In order not to lose the cap, it is connected to the bracket of the trailer lock via a steel cable. This lock fits on any common trailer or semi-trailer, as it is adjustable in several steps.

Chromed trailer lock of absolute top quality

The Vipera Trailer Lock is made of robust chrome-plated steel. The trailer lock can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The well thought-out design and the use of extremely high-quality materials ensure that the lock is suitable for daily intensive use. The chrome-plated treatment contributes to good protection against corrosion.

Extra safe thanks to long brackets

The trailer lock is equipped with extra long rear brackets. These brackets are placed behind the bars of the trailer of a truck. Thanks to the long rear brackets, an extra safe situation is created. In the closed position it is not possible to bend / stretch the brackets to bend / stretch the brackets behind the rods, because the rear brackets come close to each other. The trailer lock consists of two separate parts that can be pushed together. Despite the long rear brackets, the lock is still very easy to install.

Including 3 keys and protective cap on stainless steel wire

The cylinder of the Vipera is built into the chromed steel housing. As a result, the closing mechanism (the cylinder) is well protected and it is virtually impossible for unauthorized persons to force the closure.

The built-in cylinder is protected from dirt by means of the supplied cover cap. With this threaded cover, the cylinder is protected against even the most extreme weather influences. In this way, the lock maintains smooth operation and the truck lock will last for years. The cover is provided with ribs that provide extra grip when closing in, for example, a rainy situation. In order not to lose the cover, the cap is connected to the lock via a stainless steel wire.

The Vipera Trailer Lock is available directly from stock and comes with no less than three keys. For example, two people can open the lock and there is a third spare key for safe storage.

Adjustable from 35.5 cm to 45.5 cm

The safe trailer lock has been specially developed for securing and locking any common trailer. The distance between the bars on the back of a trailer can vary. The Vipera Trailer Lock has several notches to easily adjust it to different widths. The minimum distance that the lock can bridge is 35.5 cm. The maximum distance is 45.5 cm. For example, the trailer lock fits on the trailer of every truck.

Always the right position thanks to the position of the ball

Characteristic of a lock of this quality is that the design takes into account the smallest details during use. The recesses in the bracket are necessary to set the trailer lock to the desired length. To choose the right notch, the Vipera Trailer Lock is provided with a handy functionality: inside the housing is a small (spring-loaded) ball that clicks at each notch. For example, the steel pin of the cylinder is always placed exactly in front of the correct recess. By locking the cylinder lock, a steel pin presses into the notch of the opposite bracket. After this it is impossible to move the brackets.