Product description Ratchet Strap Two-piece 50 mm 2,500/5,000 daN

One of the most common lashing straps in the world of transport and logistics is the so-called 5 ton lashing strap. The lashing strap 2-part 50 mm 2.500 / 5.000 daN consists of two parts, namely the ratchet part and the release part. The ratchet part is equipped with a sturdy professional ratchet on one side and a pointed hook on the other side. The second part is only provided with a pointed hook. With the 50 mm strap width, the lashing strap achieves a breaking strength of LC 2,500 daN under stretched load. When the lashing strap is tightened around the load, the breaking strength LC is 5,000 daN.

Thanks to this high breaking strength, the lashing straps can be used for securing and securing heavy loads on trucks and / or trailers. The breaking strength of the lashing straps are randomly tested and manufactured in accordance with European standard 12195. The lashing strap is supplied as standard with a length of 9 meters in the color blue. In addition to this variant, the lashing strap can also be supplied in any desired color and length. Finally, the lashing straps can be provided with a name imprint or logo.