Product description Ratchet Strap Two-piece 25 mm 750/1,500 daN

As the name implies, this strap consists of two parts, a ratchet part and a loose part. Both parts are provided with a pointed hook on one side. The 2-piece lashing strap 25 mm 750 / 1,500 daN is fitted with a 25 mm polyester strap. When stretched, the lashing strap has a breaking strength of LC 750 daN. The belt can be loaded twice as much if it is stretched around something. In that case the breaking strength LC is 1,500 daN. A number of lashing straps per batch are tested on a specially developed tensile tester and manufactured according to European guidelines. The tensioning strap is easy to tension by means of the professional ratchet with a handle. This makes the lashing strap ideal for securing cargo on, for example, a trailer or for lightweight cargo on trailers / trucks.

As standard, this lashing strap is supplied from stock in the color blue with a length of 5 meters. In addition, this lashing strap is also available in various colors and can be manufactured in any desired size. Custom-made lashing straps can also be provided with a name imprint or logo.