Product description Ratchet Strap Two-piece 35 mm 1,000/2,000 daN

The 2-part lashing strap 35 mm 1,000 / 2,000 daN is extremely suitable for securing and securing cargo on a truck or trailer. The lashing strap consists of two parts, namely a ratchet part equipped with a professional ratchet with a pointed hook and a loose part provided with only a pointed hook. The lashing strap has a polyester strap with a strap width of 35 mm. When stretched, the strap has a breaking strength of LC 1,000 daN, but when the strap is stretched around the load, the strap has a breaking strength of LC 2,000 daN.

Each lashing strap is manufactured according to strict European standards. To guarantee the breaking strength of the lashing straps, a number of straps per batch are tested on a specially developed test bench. This type of lashing strap is supplied from stock at a length of 6 meters in the color blue. In addition to the stock type, this lashing strap is also available in various colors and can be manufactured in any desired size. Finally, the lashing straps can be provided with a name imprint or logo.