Product description Abloy PL330 Padlock

The Abloy PL330 Padlock is a brass chrome plated padlock suitable for many applications. The high-quality material makes the padlock resistant to corrosion and suitable for years of use. In addition, there are no springs or other parts in the cylinder that are sensitive to the influence of seawater, freezing or wear. This guarantees smooth operation. The Abloy PL330 Padlock features a double lock by means of balls in the housing and is the first cylinder disc made of hardened steel for extra security. The padlock complies with the SKG quality mark and with the CEN class 3 (with the exception of the PL330 / 100). The Abloy PL330 Padlock is available with 3 different boron hardened steel shackles, namely 25 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm.

Boron steel shackle of 8 mm in diameter

The Abloy PL330 Padlock, from the renowned Finnish manufacturer Abloy®, is made of the highest quality materials. The bracket consists of boron steel with a chrome-plated layer for protection. Boron steel has a higher hardness compared to other types of metal. This makes the material extremely strong. The chrome plating of the bracket prevents corrosion from, for example, rainwater, seawater or other liquids. The bracket has a diameter of 8 mm.

The lock body of the Abloy PL330 Padlock is made of hardened steel. The lock housing is also provided with a chrome-plated layer for protection. The PL330 is available in 3 lengths, namely with a bracket height of 25 mm, 50 mm and the extra long 100 mm.

Provided with CEN (Central European Norm) Class 3

To gain insight into the strength and reliability of padlocks, a special standard has been developed, namely the Central European Norm. Thanks to this standard, different padlocks can be compared for quality. The classification starts from CEN class 1 and goes up to maximum CEN class 6. The Abloy PL330 Padlock has CEN class 3 (with the exception of the PL330 / 100). Due to the extra long bracket, the bracket bends faster than with a 25 or 50 mm bracket. CEN 3 stands for Medium / High security.

To be allowed to enter this CEN class, the PL-330 is tested on a number of different aspects. For example, the resistance to drilling of the housing and bracket. The locks are also tested for resistance to sawing. The longer the burglary attempt, the higher the score.

Very reliable design thanks to, among other things, a double-sided ball lock

The Abloy® PL330 has a very thoughtful and reliable design. During the design of the padlock, in addition to safety, extra attention was also paid to long-term reliability. For example, parts that are vulnerable to wear and weathering have not been used. To guarantee its long life, it is strongly recommended to clean the padlock monthly with a lubricant such as Brunox or WD40. This will thoroughly clean the lock internally.

On the inside of the Abloy PL330 Padlock there are only two chrome-plated steel balls and a rotating mechanism. This mechanism is attached to the cylinder. When turning the key in the cylinder, the mechanism pushes out the steel balls. The balls fall exactly into the notch of the bracket. This makes the bracket firmly fixed.

This is because more loose parts may be processed with other types of padlocks. For example, springs or fasteners can affect the operation of the lock.

Key certificate for re-ordering Protec² keys

To guarantee security, keys for the Abloy® PL-330 Padlock can only be supplied via Navacqs / ASSA Abloy®. The special keys are provided with a Protec² system and cannot be duplicated by another key maker. Printing with a 3D printer is also not possible due to the unique rotating ball in the key. The key certificate must be presented to order additional keys. The certificate is a card with the key number and patent number. It is therefore very important to keep the key certificate in a safe place. No keys can be delivered without a key certificate.

Expandable by means of alike locks or key plan

The Abloy PL330 Padlock is supplied from stock with two identical keys. Each padlock has its own specific lock. It is also possible to supply locks with keyed alike. The cylinders of the locks are adjusted by Abloy®, so that several padlocks can be opened with the same key.

Finally, padlocks can also be added to a so-called key plan. In this situation, the individual padlocks have their own key, true other padlocks cannot be opened. Only the master key makes it possible to open all padlocks from the specific key plan. Please contact us via +31 (0) 10-495 0000 or to discuss the possibilities.

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