History of Navacqs

The History of the company starts in 1987

The history of Navacqs starts in the year 1987 in which Navacqs B.V. was founded on Strevelsweg in Rotterdam South. The company soon moved to the heart of the port of Rotterdam on Pannerdenstraat. The name Navacqs is an abbreviation of Naval Container Equipment & Services. As the name implies, Navacqs is a supplier of various container supplies, including a number of container seals, container locks, dunnage bags and container lashing equipment. Right from the start, Navacqs has focused on seals. The partnership with Canada Mayer in 1989 further expanded the range of seals. For example, a number of Cable Seals and plastic seals were immediately added to the range.

In the first catalog of Navacqs B.V. various products are displayed, including a number of seals that are still part of the range today. Seals such as the Tyden Ball Seal and the Metal Flat End seal have been in the range since the start of Navacqs’ history. Over the years, the Navacqs range has expanded further. In June 1993, Navacqs added a new line of dunnage bags to the range, which are still part of the range today, namely the Cargo Guardian dunnage bags.


2004 Navacqs International

In 2004, Navacqs was taken over by the current management. At that time, the company name was changed to Navacqs International and the corporate identity was updated. With its strategic location in the port of Rotterdam, the company has experienced significant growth and is ready for further expansion. Fast delivery is a high priority for Navacqs International. A large stock is therefore a requirement. From 2004, the company grew to such an extent that extra sea containers were needed to store the stocks. From the start of its history to the present day, Navacqs has been located in the port of Rotterdam and has expressed the wish to stay there.

2005 New location

Due to its growth in recent years, Navacqs International has moved into new premises at Aploniastraat 78 in Rotterdam. With a spacious warehouse and office space, Navacqs International is ready for further growth. Besides specialising in the field of seals, Navacqs International has continued to grow in the supply of custom-made webbing and lifting straps. However, it would not be the last time in Navacqs’ history that we would relocate.

2006 Seal Suppliers vs. Navacqs International

A second company, Seal Suppliers, was established in 2006. With other suppliers, these two companies were able to optimally supply the Dutch market with security products. There was a lot of mutual cooperation. In 2009, it was decided to join forces with Navacqs International and continue as 1 company, namely Navacqs Seal Suppliers.

2009 Navacqs Seal Suppliers B.V.

In 2009, Navacqs International and Seal Suppliers merged into 1 company. From then on, not only were more seals added, but a new category of products was also added. For example, value bags and cash bags were added to Navacqs Seal Suppliers’ product range.

2012 Verzegelingenshop.nl

The online sale of Navacqs Seal Suppliers marks an important step in our history. At the end of 2012, we started doing so under the name Verzegelingsenshop.nl. An effective online channel where customers can easily find and purchase the right products to prevent fraud, theft and damage. Besides seals, Verzegelingenshop.nl also offers a range of container locks and padlocks. Besides the well-known online payment methods, it is also possible to buy on account via this channel.

2013 Navacqs Seal Suppliers Berlin

Throughout its history, Navacqs Seal Suppliers has laid a solid foundation to build on. In 2013, for example, the company opened a branch in Berlin. From this branch, German customers can be supplied faster and even better. In addition to German customers, customers in neighbouring countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Poland can also be supplied from Berlin. Due to reliable logistics partners such as UPS and Raben, fast & complete delivery is guaranteed.


2015 A new course

Completely revamped! A new look, a shortened name and a clear direction. The new Navacqs.com!

2020 Moving forward together

From 1 July 2020, we will work together under 1 roof with our sister company Robetex, the trading company “Robetex” specialises in sampling, sealing, protection and packaging materials.


2021 Relocation Office & Warehouse

After a period of more than 15 years at Aploniastraat 78 in Rotterdam, Navacqs Seal Suppliers B.V. moved back to the Waalhaven. Both the office and warehouse are now located at Albert Plesmanweg 107 A in Rotterdam. This allowed us to expand the product range even further and, of course, further increase the stock.

2022 Robetex merger

1 January 2022 Navacqs Seal Suppliers B.V. and Robetex will continue under 1 name, Robetex and Navacqs have been working together intensively for some time. Robetex’s product range will be transferred to Navacqs.


Nieuwe directeur

2023 New Managing Director

From 1 September, Ronald Weterings hands over the leadership baton to Arnoud Standaart, who thus becomes the new Managing Director. We are currently writing the rest of the history.