Product description Tailor-made Round Slings

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Round slings are used to lift heavy loads. These round slings are made of polyester and manufactured according to the NEN1492 standard.
The round slings are available in various sizes and strengths. The strength of the round sling is indicated by the color of the strap. The options are shown in the table below.

Strap type: Round sling
Length: Optional
Material: Polyester

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Type W.L.L. Width Color
LL010 1,000 kg 42 mm Violet
LL020 2,000 kg 50 mm Green
LL030 3,000 kg 55 mm Yellow
LL040 4,000 kg 70 mm Gray
LL050 5,000 kg 75 mm Red
LL060 6,000 kg 82 mm Brown
LL080 8,000 kg 95 mm Blue
LL100 10,000 kg 102 mm Orange