Product description Intermediate Twistlock IF-51 (kopie)

The Intermediate Twistlock IF-51 is specially designed to stack containers and then lock them by turning the handle. This type of twist lock is used between two containers. The “blunt” side points down, the “point” up. After placing the container on another sea container, the handle can be turned, causing both points to turn and the twist lock to firmly clamp the containers together. This type of Twistlock is suitable for stacking both full and empty containers.

Due to the accurate dimensions of the Intermediate Twistlock IF-51, it fits on any standard corner casting (corner pieces of the container). As a result, the Intermediate Twistlocks can also be used for stacking, for example, bulk tins or other constructions where standard Corner Castings are used. When locking the Intermediate twistlock, a greased bearing moves inside the twist lock and is held in place with a spring. This distinctive design choice means that the lever must be turned with light force and simply cannot accidentally snap back. It thus promotes the reliability and safety of the use of this twistlock and offers the necessary protection of (valuable) cargo, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Left or right closing twistlock

The Intermediate Twistlock IF-51 is available from stock as left closing and right-closing variant. The lever of the left-closing variant is in the open position on the right. After placing the container on top of another container, the lever is closed to the left to lock the twist lock. The same applies to the right-closing variant, which is open to the left and closes to the right. In terms of use, it makes no difference whether it is a left or right closing twistlock. It depends on personal preference. A (common) consideration may be to close all levers inward. Therefore, for stacking two containers, 2 left and 2 right closing intermediate twistlocks are required. Another consideration can be to only use twistlocks with the same closure. When using, for example, only left-closing intermediate IF-51 twistlocks, the handle is always on the left when the container is properly locked. An additional advantage of this choice is that the twist locks are fully interchangeable. Sorting is unnecessary, which saves time and minimizes the chance of errors.

The IF-51 is especially for stacking 2 containers. An alternative to this product is the Semi Automatic Twistlock IF-56 . The IF-56 automatically locks when a container is placed, making the need to flip the lever, as with the IF-51 Intermediate Twistlock, unnecessary. If a container must be secured to the surface, the Dovetail BF-11 twistlock offers a solution. If containers do need to be stacked but locking is unnecessary, the IF-91 Depot Stacker can be a good option . For laterally locking a container to another sea container, the bridgefittings offer a solution.

Please note:

  • These twistlocks are not suitable for road transport
  • The IF-51 is not designed to lift two stacked containers, the twistlocks only serve to lock. The lifting of stacked containers is – under strictly controlled conditions – possible with the IF-56 Semi Automatic Twistlock


Download the technical drawing of the left-closing IF-51 (.pdf)

Download the technical drawing of the legal IF-51 (.pdf)

Download the 3D model (.stp) and import the Intermediate Twistlock IF-51 (kopie) in any technical drawing software




The Intermediate Twistlock IF-51 (kopie) is comparing Compatible with the following third-party items

B6.12, B6.26, BDA2, BD-A2, BD-A2, BD-A2/L, BD-A2/R, BD-A2-L, BD-A2-R, CV2N, CV-2N, CV5, CV-5, CV8, CV-8, K-6R/GS, T1, T-1, TL-L, TS-17-5